The Aftermath Backpack on Wheels

The Aftermath Backpack on Wheels

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You won't believe all the contents you'll find - the little items you'll need and the big items you've never thought of fill our "Aftermath Backpack on Wheels". Looking for a comprehensive preparedness kit that you can hit the road with in case of bugging out? Our "Aftermath" Bug-Out Kit is simply the most comprehensive survival kit we've ever assembled. As a backpack, you can carry this comfortably almost anywhere. Raise the telescopic handle and the rugged wheels turn this bag into luggage you can use as easily in an airport terminal as you can walking down a street at night. Comes in basic black so it won't give your position away if you're hiding. Contains a wide variety of products from these categories: food, water, hygiene, personal protection, lighting, radio, tools, smoke escape, ponchos, blankets, gloves and a comprehensive first aid package.

  • Fill List:

    • Brush your teeth; clean your body; protect your skin with sunscreen and insect repellant; make your water safe to drink with Aquatabs water purification tablets; protect your thyroid with iOSAT Potassium Iodide tablets
    • Transcend Glucose Energy Gels, extended shelf-life high-calorie food bars and 12 bags of water
    • Complete First Aid Kit with Bio-Medwash First Aid & Eye Spray, padded splint, burn gel dressing, tourniquet, ice packs, CPR mask, Pepto-Bismol Tablets, latex gloves, bandages, antiseptic towelettes, bio-hazard waste bags and assorted self-adhesive wraps
    • Masks, blankets, ponchos, whistles, gloves, goggles, waterproof matches, plastic for shelter
    • LED Super Flare, light sticks, Dynamo/Solar Weatherband Radio/Flashlight, pump light, MPOWERD Inflatable Emergency Light, Phone Charger
    • Smoke Escape Hoods
    • Multi-function Tool
    • Moleskin Patches
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