Deluxe Survival Pack on Wheels (for up to 10 persons)

Deluxe Survival Pack on Wheels (for up to 10 persons)

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This large pack on wheels is comprehensive enough to service 10 persons. Perfect for your company or office staff.



10 - 1200 Calorie Food Bars – enough for 10 people for 3 days
120 sealed Water Packets with a 5-year shelf life
Duct Tape - to seal up broken windows
2 Hard Hats - for safe rescue and clean-up
2 Orange Safety Vests - designate who's in charge
2 Whistles - gets their attention
2-pair Leather Gloves - indespensible for cleanup
10 Emergency Mylar Blankets - overnight comfort
2-pair Safety Goggles - protect your eyes from dust
10 Respirator Masks - N95 rated
3 Limb Splints - 3 sizes
Pry Bar - break jammed doors with 15" of steel
10 Sanitary Napkins - doubles as a first aid item
Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets - makes questionable water safe to drink
Bio-Hazard Waste Bags - for sanitary disposal
Bodily-Fluid Cleanup Kit - to clean human waste while providing protection
Emergency Care and Survival Book
50 feet of rope

Lighting & Radios:
2 Flashlights
10 Light Sticks
Dynamo-Crank & Solar Powered AM/FM/Weatherband Radio/Flashlight
Water-Proof Matches

Medical Supplies:
10 Ice Packs - the first line of injury treatment
Antimicrobial Handwipes - safely clean your hands and body before applying first aid
Alcohol Swabs - many uses
Roller Stretch Gauze
Kerlix Wrap
Self-Adhesive Bandage Wrap
Elastic Bandage
Gauze Pads
10-pair Latex Gloves
Eye Wash
Adhesive Tape
Paramedic Scissor - cuts clothing, leather & metal
Sheer Strip Bandages
Antibiotic Ointment
Acetaminophen Tablets
Pepto Bismol Tablets
CPR Mask

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